Artist's Statement: Crayon

I first deconstructed and manipulated the crayon from its original form. I love the idea of stripping an object of its importance and principle to Fascination with both self exploration and self limit ministered in the creation of this body of work.

I began this work with no expectations at all but those of myself. The medium crayon was secondary to the works conceptual content and value. It did not take me long to realize the true beauty of works with crayon. In order to build and reconstruct create originality. Process became imperative to the creation of each piece.

I cut, grated, crushed, melted, carved and glued the crayons to achieve the results I desired. The most intriguing part of working with the crayon was that each crayon determined the works final result. It was impossible to control each crayon exactly the way I wanted. I realized I wasn’t in control of the material; the only thing I was completely in control of was the content.

I grew a love for the acceptance of imperfection in each piece. Distinctively individual, No Acrylic! No Oil! has opened a new chapter in my life.

Who would have known such artistry could be created from a plain wax Crayola crayon!”  - Kelley Knowles