Artist Bio

Born and raised in Nassau Bahamas my talents were first recognized at Lyford Cay School in New Providence Bahamas. A mentor of mine Mrs. Jenny Guy noticed my appreciation for the medium and began to nurture and refine what used to be my hobby. I enjoyed drawing painting and making silk paintings during my ninth grade year at the Lyford Cay School. Shortly after Lyford Cay I began to spend my summers at Art Finco workshop under many prominent names in Art, such as Antonious Roberts, Jessica Colebrooke. Here I began to nurture my craft; mostly interested in ceramics I idealized the three dimensionality and organic quality through shape and texture of a structure. Roberts and Colebrooke continued to mentor me throughout high school into college. I mention people that have guided me along the way because my work has not only become about a personal journey but about the guidance I have had. “In my life everything is about relationships. I value any kind of relationship whether it is positive or negative. The need for relation comes from humanistic interpersonal dependency. This is what I value about my work, I feel dependent upon my work. Creating art is a therapeutic release for me. It is never a job or task. This art is my passion. My art depends on me and me on it. It’s the greatest relationship I have”. I began to implement my approach to other aspects of my life such as the business aspect of my work. I began to see the importance of branding myself as an artist. Everything I have done thus far has brought me to this point. This website was created to share a part of me with the world.

Born on August 31st 1984. I am the child of Dr.Ronald and Mrs. Gwendolyn Knowles. Both supporters and collectors of Art in the Bahamas. I grew a great appreciation for Art in my early years. I received a BFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York in May, 2008. Shortly after graduation I began what I call “Sculptural Relief Painting” done in Crayon. This work consisted of 40 pieces of work all created with crayon. A process based body of work in which I shaved , carved , grated, melted , cut and painted with the crayon in order to create a relationship and better understand the limits of the material itself. The exhibition labeled “ No Oil , No Acrylic!” marked the beginning of a fresh , body of work never seen in The Bahamas and was well accepted by the community. I continued to explore following up with an exhibit called “Just Breathe, Just Relax Just Live”. An exhibit encompassing the concept behind art that creates and allows for direct interactive experience. Involving environmental elements such as earth , water , fire , wind , I created an installation using native wood to create water fountains , candle holders and plant pots . This show was collaborated by a health fitness spa and me. The concept was to engage visitors in breathing and stretching exercises around the art which would create a different appreciation for the work. Experiencing art through the sense of touch is a lot different than walking around a gallery looking at art. The experience once again allows for a more personal relationship. 

I am currently attending Long Island University where I am pursuing a Masters in Art Therapy. This two year program focuses on preparing art therapists to learn to use the creative process to help patients regress and improve their mental health and emotional well – being.